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Our mission is to educate the educator with information based upon a sociological framework which heavily contributes to the early childhood education and child development field .

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Community Playdate Leaders:

Learning through Playdates are early childhood learning experiences for children and families who are cared for through caregivers, nannies, parents, and other informal providers.
Ideas of childcare giving is culturally diverse. Each person has different ideas on childcare for various reasons. Everyone doesn’t wish to put their children in centers or in family childcare homes.

This is an opportunity for you to become a Community Playdate Leader providing unique educational experiences to meet the needs of children and families within their community.

Cupcake Babysitting:

You can literally start your babysitting business for little or nothing! All it takes is determination, passion, and a willingness to take the first step. CupCake Training is the best step towards your goal! We are here to help that’s our job! 


Cupcake Training courses are based upon research-based information, professional experiences, academic ideas, and concepts in early childhood education, early child development, and sociological concepts of family, culture, inclusion, business, and marketing. These classes are taught in person and online  based. The courses are based upon high quality and hands-on teaching, instructional periods, and interactions amongst the peers and trainers.

House of Genesis

The House Of Genesis, Inc. is a unique, innovative, and extraordinary infrastructure in the childcare industry. Global and cross-cultural methodology and ideology is enthralling and intrigues the minds of young children. Our teaching method takes education to newer heights. The House Of Genesis is an in-home Christian based Eco-friendly childhood development facility. The House of Genesis’ children are from ages 1-5 years old.

As a childcare provider, we realize that you have eventful responsibilities in your lives. While you function throughout the day with your daily routines and regimes the last thing you want to think about is the well being of your child. Therefore, The House of Genesis is not a babysitting service, but an institution for learning and development for your little one. The House of Genesis will provide a safe, eco-friendly and superior institution for learning.

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