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About Kappa Learning Group

Kappa Learning Group™ is a professional development organization in Norcross Ga. Kappa Learning Group™ creates high quality education courses and trainings to stimulate and expand one's knowledgebase. Using our education courses will help you to fulfill your mandate, vision, and mission to positively impact learners, families, individuals, and all others who need your contribution to their world.  Become a Kappa Knowledge Giver!


To fulfill your gift to the world, one must acquire knowledge. You must be open and willing to explore and discover the unknown. At times, stepping into a new path can be a bit scary. Our staff at Kappa Learning Group™ understand this feeling of uncertainty. Having people who are experienced and walked the same path is important. We offer an authentic support system and guiding light through mentorship, consultation, career counseling, host of education courses, technical assistance, and other customized services to fulfill your needs.  


Your goals, aspirations, and ideas are important to us.

Elevate! Write, speak, and manifest your dreams and goals into your reality. Let Kappa Learning Group™ take you from informative to transformative. Our mission is to revolutionize and shift your mindset. Your visions and goals will contribute to our society in a major way. Listen, someone needs to benefit from your gift. You are too valuable do not hid your gifts or take them for granted.  You owe it to yourself. You have a something to offer to the world and someone needs you and your gift! Kappa Learning will walk besides you on your journey to success.

"Don't Let Your Today Sabotage

and Disrupt Your Future Success"

-Jocelyn Dionne

You are the author of your destiny create the things you desire to manifest in your careers, personal goals, and aspirations. Start Now! Become a part of the Knowledge Givers tribe here at Kappa Learning Group™. 


Our guild is to educate, share, and empower those who are passionate about educating and caring for students in essential ways. We are professionals using the latest research-based information to improve the knowledgebase, skills, attitudes, and best practices in education and child caregiving. We specialize in providing professional training and consulting for the Early Childhood Education and Nannyhood. 

Kappa Learning Group is the parent company to Cupcake Babysitting Training, Learning Through Playdates Virtual Preschool, and Genesis Home Learning, and youth organization, Young Educators Council.

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Jocelyn Dionne Jones,

Founder & CEO of Kappa Learning Group

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Who is Jocelyn Dionne?

I am affectionately known as the “Knowledge Giver”.  I am the sage of early education. I reach, teach, educate, share, and empower professionals looking to create and improve transformative learning spheres. and impact the lives of future generations. 


A Georgia Peach by way of Lithonia, GA, Jocelyn Dionne is the oldest of 3 siblings. Living the single life without biological children of her own, Jocelyn is an aunt of 5 nieces and 2 nephews whom she loves dearly. She is currently a longtime resident of Norcross, GA. The genesis of her passion to transform the lives of young children, families, and life learners began with her mother.


"Growing up in Lithonia during the early 90's, my mother was a community leader and early educator. She was a stay-at-home mom, home learning provider. She was a mother for mothers, a nurse for children in her care, a shoulder to cry on, a confidant, a friend, mom of 3, and dedicated wife.


I can remember growing up, having 15 kids running around in our yard playing plus younger children preschool age. The children in her care were like siblings and our best friends. Our house was the house everybody knew "Mrs. Diane and Mr. Joey”.


Our home was where love, care, education, and restoration abided. Young teen moms, married mothers, and parents would just sit at my mother's feet for wisdom and advice or just for good conversations. She was quite young herself, but her wisdom, love, understanding, care was beyond her years.  I was amazed at her love and dedication in servicing the community. Early on, I knew her's was the mantel I wanted to carry forward as my life's legacy."

 Academic Achievements


As a professional and expert, her interests range from early education to entrepreneurship.

Jocelyn Dionne  has taught and served on management in non-profit and for-profit childcare settings and organizations for over 20 years. Jocelyn is a family childcare provider in Norcross, Ga. Jocelyn is very active in the Early Childhood Education professional field. Early Childhood Education and Sociology are two disciplines Jocelyn loves and has contributed to her career accomplishments. Jocelyn Dionne is an active member of Kappa Delta Pi National Honor Society in Education and a member of the Public Policy Committee for Kappa Delta Pi.

One of her most popular and culturally relative presentation that has been trending for the past six (6) years is a training called, Why Does She Wear a Hijab? Why is Her Hair So Kinky? The Importance of Cultural Relativism and Social-Identity In Early Learning Programs. This training is dynamic and very relevant. This training is a toolkit to help education professionals, teachers, and caregivers in all sectors of education and caregiving. This training helps people to understand social-emotional development and how culture, racial biases, ethnocentrisms, and the lack of promoting positive self-identity can affect young learners 0-8 years negatively.

 Jocelyn Dionne is a Georgia state approved trainer certified by Georgia Professional Development System for Early Childhood Educators a division of Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning. Miss Jones is certified to teach professional development courses for early education teachers and professional in childcare sectors and public school.


Jocelyn Dionne specializes in teaching the Child Development Associate (CDA ) courses for a nationally and internationally recognized early education organization, National Council For Professional Recognition. Jocelyn Dionne has extensive experience as a Professional Development (PD) Specialist for the Council For Professional Recognition.  Jocelyn Dionne designs, writes, and teaches early childhood professional development trainings. 


Alongside, Jocelyn Dionne has presented for national and international audiences for massive and long running organizations such as HighScope, National Council For Professional Recognition, National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI), First Things First, Georgia Head Start, US Nanny Institute, RAINBOW Institute of Childcare Education, The Learning Project Network, and other media outlets. 


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