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About Us

Kappa Learning Group,LLC

#Knowledge Giver

Knowledge Giver is an professional development organization. Our guild is sharing knowledge, educating, training, and coaching Early Childhood Professionals using research-based information to improved their knowledgebase, skills, attitudes, and practice in Early Childhood Education. Our commitment is to improve the early learning classroom for holistic development and learning. Knowledge Giver is a subdivision of Kappa Learning Group, LLC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the educator with information based upon a sociological frameworks which heavily contributes to the early childhood education and child development field. It is our mission to create meaningful dialogues and teachings that collectively fuse early childhood and sociological perspectives for a holistic and in-depth learning experience for Early Childhood Professionals.

Discover our Community Playdate Leaders

Learning through Playdates are early childhood learning experiences for children and families who are cared for through caregivers, nannies, parents, and other informal providers