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L'amour De Soi


L’Amour de Soi A Guide to One's Heart For Professional Educators & Caregivers Beginning Feb 1 2024 What is the L’Amour de Soi Project? Follow us on Facebook: Here at Kappa Learning Group, we do things different when it comes to early learning & education training. For the month of February, our focus is on uplifting, celebrating, educating, sharing, and advocating for teachers. We would like to invite and introduce all educators and childcare givers to our project, L'amour De Soi (French for Self-care). Our trajectory is to encourage early childhood educators/professionals, center directors, private/public educators, nannies, mannies, sitters, and librarians to indulge in self-care and self-love. You give so much of yourselves and many times you do not pour back into yourself. This project is for you! Find our Facebook LIVE Event on our page @educateshareempower on Facebook --Professional Development Hours--- Attending this month long dedication comes with professional development certificates for early childhood providers & professionals, public school teachers can use these clock hours to go towards your CEUs. These hours can be converted into CEU's depending on your county/states regulations. All certificates will be given as clock hours!

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