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Choose your pricing plan

  • Empowerment Coaching

    Every month
    Empowerment begins with you.
    Valid for 2 months
    • Weekly virtual meetings, strategic goal planning
    • Guest speakers
    • Personal one on one calls "Knowledge Sharing" Sessions
  • Empowerment 8 Plan

    Turning Negatives into Empowerment
    Free Plan
    • Thorough classroom Observation with Grading System
    • Case by Case Plan of Actions for Negative State Citations
    • Customize Coaching, Trainings, & Classroom Designs
    • Strategic Plan to Creative Positive Work and Family Relation
    • Create SEL Workplace and Learning Environments
    • Create UDL forWorkplace In and In the Classroom
    • Create, Design, and/or Present PD Classes
  • Technical Assistance

    Supporting ECE Spaces. Customizing Your Needs.
    Free Plan
    • Monthly Support, Coaching, Professional Development
    • Monthly Compliance Check Ups, Teacher Support & Training
    • SEL Development in Workplace
    • Provide Customized Needs for Childcare Learning Spaces
    • Teacher to Teacher Training
    • Classroom Management & Curriculum Design and Planning
    • Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies
  • 2 Hour Trainings

    L'amour De Soi Project
    • L'amour De Soi Project
  • 3Hr Training

    L'amour De Soi Project
    • L'amour De Soi Project
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