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The Council Of Professional Recognition PD Specialist

The Council Of Professional Recognition PD Specialist

The Council For Professional Recognition is an organization that promotes improved performance and recognition of professionals in the early childhood education of children aged birth to 5 years old. The Child Development Association (CDA) allows early childhood professionals to understand early childhood and development in depth. Receiving your Child Development Associate is a certification in early childhood for professional development.

It is a very rewarding process and I love to mentor candidates who are in the process of receiving their CDA. I am a Professional Development (PD) Specialist and I mentor candidates who are in the latter part of the process. I meet them right at the threshold of their goals.

It is very rewarding because I have walked in the shoes of these candidates. I understand their hard work and pain! It is not an easy process, but at the end it is well worth it. It is extremely beneficial to your professionalism and personal life achievement.

 If you are interested in becoming a CDA candidate please visit the Council for Professional Recognition website at http://www.cdacouncil.org/about/cda-credential. If you would like to request me as your PD Specialist visit my website at https://councilforprofessionalrecognitionpdspecialist.wordpress.com/ to learn more about me. You may request me through the Council of Professional Recognition website look for the “PD Specialist Tab” and click on the “Find A PD Specialist”. I am in the Norcross, GA area and I would love to be apart of your professional development and achievement! 

Disclamer: The Council of Professional Recognition’s logo and content is for visual purposes and for supporting this organization only. I do not claim any rights to this organization or content of this organization. I am not using The Council of Professional Recognition information, logo, media content, and/or any other information from their site claiming as my own only for information purposes.

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